Privacy Policy

In order to complete the purchase, the customer must provide his / her personal information, name, company ID number or HP address, e-mail address and credit card number. Buying for the delivery of the items and credit card billing We undertake not to transfer them to a third party, except the credit company.
The credit card details will not be stored in the
Mocheros system for future use.

When registering for membership in the customer club, you are given the option to provide an e-mail address. This address is intended to streamline Mocheros communications with its customers and provide them with new updates regarding the content of the site. The customer is given the option to mark "V" if they wish to receive information regarding promotions and updates concerning the content of the site. If the customer does not mark V in the designated location - Mocheros will not send such e-mail to him in the e-mail.

Address: PO Box 24244, Tel Aviv. Zip code 6972506. Part number 012530754

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