Shipping information

We ship the items anywhere in the country at no shipping cost as long as there is a minimum order of NIS 192. A customer who wants to place an order that does not exceed NIS 192 can add a shipping fee based on the order quantity or in coordination with the telephone customer service.

"Mocheros" may choose the shipment method and is responsible for updating the customer in what form it will be ordered. Shipping items with a total weight of over 1.5 kg or extra large volume will be delivered by "Mocheros" employees or by use In the logistics services of external companies and will be provided to the customer's home or place of work (according to his choice). Mocheros will coordinate with the customer on how and when the items will be shipped.

Small items of low weight may be sent by regular parcel mail. In this case, the customer will be notified of a parcel waiting for him at the post office near his place of residence and he must take the parcel himself and at his own risk.

Mocheros has the full right to decide whether the shipment will be done through Israel Postal Logistics Services or other logistics and forwarding contractors or through Mocheros employees. And all in his sole discretion. In any case, the delivery and delivery times will be coordinated with the customer before the order is executed.

Delivery times vary according to the type of shipment and the content of the order and are determined based on the company policy that carries out the shipment and its responsibilities and are subject to the buyer’s findings at the shipment address at the time of delivery. If the customer does not find the same message, a new delivery date will be matched.

In cases where a product is sold out of stock due to unusual circumstances that were unknown at the time of ordering, it will be notified to the consumer within a business day and will allow him to choose between waiting for an alternative product or canceling the transaction and returning his full money.

General delivery time up to five working days. In some localities the delivery time can be the same day.