A spicy and unique combination of flavors, aroma and burning passion.

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A unique Spicer, produced with sophistication and love

Mocheros ancient land fire drops recipe contains a universe in a drop. With surprising and exotic vegetal ingredients carefully combined and meticulously cooked. The unique mixture, the balance of ingredients, and smart preparation process create a magnificent hot sauce with two sequential palatial wave experiences: 

The first - the multilayered flavor wave and then, after a pleasant delay, comes the pungency wave intermixing with the first.

Mocheros fire drops hallmark lays in its tri-dimensional and resonating flavor, That puts it way on top of many commercial hot sauce brands.

Mocheros fire drops  contains no animal based Ingredients. Being a vegetal based product, and for the sake of preserving its taste, it is recommended to keep it cool after opening.

Mocheros bottle-back side
Mocheros bottle-front side
Upgrades every meal and fits a variety of foods.

You can add Mocheros to pizzas, sandwiches, meats, cheeses, salads, sauces and spreads.

Hallmark: A multi-dimensional flavor experience

A two-wave flavor experience is what characterizes Mocheros. The multi-layered flavor wave resonates as first wave, followed by the wave of heat that wraps up the taste buds in the second wave. These two give the seasoner the power to create a unique flavor experience

Made with natural ingredients only.

Contains 38 surprising natural Ingredients, carefully blended and balanced.

Unique composition

Spicy liquid, exceptional in its composition, and unique in its flavor and aroma.


The Mocheros story

Starting from an 7-year-old who is crazy about peppers

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…The rocoto ring landed on my tongue. From the first second, I reached the conclusion, accompanied by the initial sensory input, that there was nothing to this rocoto, except public relations mythology and Peruvian legends or, in contemporary terms: "Fake-news!"

My dad gazed at me with bunched eyebrows. Suddenly his face changed into a mischievous, unfamiliar smile – unexpectedly matching the arrival of the tsunami wave which began to flood the hollows of my mouth and threatened to engulf all of me into a sensory swirl of fire. My father's smile remained the only beacon to direct me to a safe shore. And just as a beacon illuminates your path to salvation, it also shines a light exposing the naked truth!. Then, before losing the my last grain of self-respect, and before the wetness of my tears blurred my father's smile, I repeated that statement, yet again: “You see Dad, it doesn’t burn at all!”…

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Stories and recipes with Mocheros

All recipes are translated into English

Our world must change for the better, because it has no choice.

Quality must be returned and not quantity. I bring Mocheros as my humble little donation and a correcting move.


Mocheros reviews

Miri Z. Rishon-Israel


החריף שלך ממכר ברמות קשות ! אי אפשר להפסיק לאכול אותו. משתלב נפלא עם סנדויצים, בשר ודגים. הנאה 🌶️🌶️🌶️ צרופה.


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